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Mentorship Program - Chicago, May 2019

  • Canis Bodyworks at Anti-Cruelty Society 510 North LaSalle Drive Chicago, IL, 60654 USA (map)

This program will encompass and include all of the hands-on coursework currently offered by Canis Bodyworks, along with at-home study courses and case study coursework. In addition, the mentorship program includes one-on-one instructor follow up, including hands-on work at The Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago, personal coaching, and follow up. The program will also include field trips to a vet rehab facility, group outings and special events where students will utilize their hands on learning, and an NBCAAM review and study program. For those who live out of town, the follow up is continued through emails, Skype meetings, and video assessment. 

The goal of our Mentorship Program is to offer considerably more intimate hands-on experience that cannot be matched in any other program.

Due to the intense nature of this program, we will require a one-on-one phone interview to make sure it is a good fit for each student. This class is limited to a total of 4 students and will be held only once a calendar year. 

Program Dates: May 1-19, 2019   Total Hours: 250
(Students also have the option of staying 2 additional days to obtain more hands-on experience)

Please email with inquiries.