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canis bodyworks workshops

Do you want to learn the basics of canine massage and bodywork for your own dogs or for the dogs where you volunteer?  

Are you hoping to add new skills to the work you do in your existing canine-focused business or practice?  

Would you like to work toward national certification as a Canine Massage Therapist?

Whatever your goals, you can find a workshop or series of workshops at Canis Bodyworks to meet your needs.

Find out more about the variety of workshops we offer by clicking on any date/location below.

Questions? Visit our FAQ page, or contact us.

For information about a hands-on mentorship program held once a year please contact Denise Theobald at



Trust and Relationship-Building with Dogs

3 Days24 CEs - $450

july 27-29 (chi)
September 7-9 (Chi)
september 14-16 (Va)
October 7-9 (stl)
January 28-30 (FLA)


The Physical Dog  

3 Days24 CEs - $500

august 10-12 (VA)


Canine Sports Massage and Safe Stretching

2 Days16 CEs - $350



Applied Acupressure Fundamentals

2 Days16 CEs - $350

November 10-11 (VA)


Lymphatic Massage: The Common Denominator

3 Days24 CEs - $650

November 12-14 (Chi)


Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

3 Days24 CEs - $650

November 9-11 (Chi)


Orthopedic Friction for Tendon and Ligament Healing

3 Days24 CEs - $650

August 17-19 (VA)

2017-03-20 09.25.29_preview.jpg

The Business of
Canine Massage and Bodywork

1 Day, 8 CEs - $150

October 27 (VA)


Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 7.20.27 PM.png

Canine Palliative and Hospice Care

1 Day, 8 CEs - $175

October 13 (VA)


Canine oncology massage:  bodywork for dogs with cancer

1 day, 8 CEs - $175

October 14 (VA)


Canine Anatomy and Physiology for the Pet Care Professional

Home Study, 30 CEs - $200

Honey 2 at ROOT - 11-24-12.jpg

Case Studies Practicum

Home Study, 30 CEs - $300